Henry Schaper
Druggist in Chicago




Henry Schaper, April 14th, 1875 - 1964

Heinrich "Henry" Schaper emmigrated to Chicago, Illinois, where the brother of his mother, Louis Windel, lived.

Louis Windel had no children and asked Henry to become a partner in his drugstore in Chicago.

Henry there got to know his later wife Regina, whose mother (immigrated from Austria) led Louis' household.

For many years, Henry led the drugstore on his own, after his uncle Louis had emmigated to Mexico.

In 1920, the family lived 2751 Lincoln Boulevard , in 1930, 1127 Edmer Street, Chicago.

During his lifetime, Henry had a good contact to the family of his sister Auguste Marx,, who lived with her family in Chicago too, and several times visited his relatives in his overseas-home-town Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

This table shall help me, to understand the generations and to learn the names.
Henry Schaper (1875 - 1964) mar Regina
1st Henry Norman Schaper (1904-1979) mar. Marie (1903-1985)

2nd Georgia (*1909-~1990)

1st Harry Thoms

Frank Conroy


1st Robert Schaper

(+ ~1944)

2nd Norman Henry Schaper


Barbara Mae,
born Morrison

3rd Warren Schaper



1st Steven Schaper
(* 1951 - +~1991)
2nd Tom Schaper

3rd Jim Schaper

4th David Schaper

1st John Schaper



2nd Mary Lynn Blough

Elisabeth Schaper

Kara Schaper

Kedric James Greenawalt (*1977)
Mary Blough, Barbara Schaper and Kedric James Greenawalt (Mary's son)) John Schaper, Kara Schaper, Barbara and Norman Henry Schaper  
Peg and Warren Schaper    
Familien Heinrich Schaper und Ludwig Schaper im Langen Grund, zwischen 1920 und 1930

The families of the brethren Henry(1) Schaper und Ludwig (2) Schaper in the Langen Grund, autumn 1925

from left to right:
last row, up standing:
Georgia Schaper, * 1909(1), Irene Schaper (2), Heinrich Schaper (2), my father

sitting: Henry Schaper *1879(1), Regina Schaper * about 1882(1), Auguste Schaper, born Schmidt (2), Elfriede Schaper (2), Ludwig Schaper (2), my grandfather

the child in front : Annelise Schaper (2)

Langer Grund is the name of the restaurant, founded by Ludwig Schaper

from left to right :
Auguste Marx, born Schaper (Henry's sister), Warren, Henry Norman Schaper, Regina und Henry Schaper


Georgia Schaper, * about 1909;

Marie? woman of Henry Norman?

in front : Auguste Schaper, born Windel (mother of Henry) with - possibly - Henry Norman 's eldest child?, her great-grandson, possibly Norman Henry (1925-2005)

(Photo taken before 1927)


Mary, is it this Photo, you described?

from left to right:
grandfather Henry Schaper,

grandsons: Robert, Norman Henry, and Warren,

grandmother Regina

Foto 4    

Before 1960, in the garden of the BIRKENHAUS (my home) :
Regina Schaper with Veronika Schaper, Henry Schaper, Aunt  Dörchen Schaper, Jost Schaper (me), aunt  Lina Schaper (*21. 01.1869)

Dörchen and Lina, both teachers, must be cousins of Henry, but I haven't found out how they are related.



Can you tell me, what or whom these fotos show, or where they are taken?
Foto 1    

Foto 3
btw., this picture was taken in front of the Hannover railway station

from left to right:
NN, child NN, Georgia Schaper, Fred Marx?, NN