Auguste Marx
born Schaper






1909 Auguste "Augusta" Schaper (*28.07.1876, + 07.08.1947) married Friedrich "Fred" Marx (*10.11.1887, +1940) from Rischenau (son of Heinrich Marx (1848-1915) and Marie, born Schröder(+1938)) in Oesdorf (Bad Pyrmont)
(The picture was taken in front of Auguste's home, see the picture below,)

1 Wilhelm Küppers; 2 Marie Küppers; 3 + 4 Pastor and wife

5 Heinrich Steinmeyer (stepfather of 19); 6 Marie Steinmeyer (mother of 19, born Windel, widowed Schaper (1884))

7 Heinrich Marx; 8 Marie Marx (born Schröder); 9 Minna Müller (born Marx); 10 Friedrich Schaper (brother of 19); 11 Hermine Steinmeyer (stepsister of 19); 12 Elise Marx

13 Ernst Marx; 14 Karl Marx; 15 NN; 16 Martha Steinmeyer (stepsister of 19); 17 NN; 18 NN; 19 Augusta Schaper; 20 Fred Marx; 21 Auguste Schmidt (fiancé of 22); 22 Ludwig Schaper (brother of 19); 23 Marie Steinmeyer (stepsister of 19); 24 Heinrich Marx; 25 Berta Schaper (sister of 19); 26 NN; 27 NN

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The Marx's home in Rischenau
The house got lost in WWII, when returning allied aircrafts were shaking off not used bombs.
(Oil-painting in the possession of Emil Stock; painter unknown, 1922; Download 124 KB)

The Schaper's home in Oesdorf (Bad Pyrmont)
It was built by Auguste's father, Heinrich Schaper before 1884, the farm buildings lying behind.


The Schaper's home, view of today, modernized.

In the 1950ies house and farmland were sold, following the distribution of the estate among the heirs.


In 1904, Friedrich Marx, with 16 years, had emmigrated to Chicago, Illinois, where his father's brother, Friedrich "Fred" Marx lived.

In Chicago, Fred met Augusta, who lived with the family of her brother Henry Schaper.

In 1909 both married in Oesdorf / Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

Similar to his uncle, Fred became a inn-keeper in Chicago. Together with him and after his uncle's death in 1919 alone (or together with his brother August Marx), he led until 1923/24 the "Marx Beer Tunnel", until 1932 the "Lincoln Turner Hall". From 1932 on, he was co-possessor of "Marx Restaurant", W. Adams Street.

Augusta Marx, Elfrieda Marx, Elisabeth Marx and Fred Marx

1922: Fred Marx, Augusta Elfrieda and Elisabeth visiting Fred's birthplace in Rischenau.

1 August Stürmer (husband of 7. Marie, born Steinmeier); 2 Friedrich Marx; 3. Willi Küppers; 4 Minna Müller; 5 Elise Marx; 6 Erich Müller; 7 Marie Stürmer (born Steinmeier (wife of 1, stepsister of Auguste Marx); 8 August Marx, Chicago; 9 NN (with the child)

10 Charlotte Stürmer, daughter of 1 und 7

11 Elfriede Marx, holding her goddaughter Elfriede (Friedchen) Stürmer in her arms; 12 Marie Marx; 13 Minna Schöning; 14. Auguste Marx (born Schaper)

15 Heinz Küppers; 16 Elisabeth Marx; 17 Martha Stürmer; 18 Heinrich Schaper (father of Jost Schaper, son of Ludwig Schaper);
19 Heinrich Bruns (son of Hermine Pohl, born Steinmeier, widowed Bruns (WWI), stepsister of Auguste Marx);
20, 21, 22 neighbour's children (Baseler, Rischenau)



Auguste "Augusta" Marx, born Schaper
(*July 28 1877, Bad Pyrmont/Oesdorf - + Chicago Ill)
Friedrich "Fred" Marx

(November 10 1887(or 1888?), Rischenau - 1940, Chicago)
Elfriede "Elfrieda" Marie Marx
( Jan 31 1910 - Dec 25 1974)
Emil Stock
( March 13 1908 - Feb 12 1992)
  Elisabeth Schmidt, born Marx, Jan 24 1912
Walter Schmidt


Emil Fred Stock

Mary Gale

Mark Lowell Stock   Fred Schmidt
  Susan Schmidt
Bud Walton
        Eric Schmidt   Kirstin Schmidt
Eric Keleman
        2 children:
Landen and Emma
  4 children:
Brendan, Cody, Mason and Hadley


The Schmidts:

LtoR Landen S, Emma S, Eric S, Jane, Brendan K, Kirstin K, Fred, Hadley K, Cody K, Eric K, Mason K

Augusta with the daughters Elisabeth and Elfriede.    

Marie Marx, born Schröder (+1938), with her grand-daughters

Elisabeth Marx, mar Schmidt


Elfriede Marx, mar. Stock

The photo was taken, when the grandmother in 1925 visited the Marx' in America


The Marx/Chicago-family:
Elisabeth Schmidt, born Marx;, Friedrich Marx;

Auguste Marx, born Schaper Elfriede Stock, born Marx


Jefferson: the road in front of the farmhouse of Emil and Elfriede Stock, born Marx

In the background the Rock River


Auguste, to the very left,

with the family of her brother
Heinrich "Henry" Schaper


Marx-Beer-Tunnel, Chicago    

Can you tell me, what or whom these fotos show, or where they are taken?

Foto 1    

Foto 2

Elfriede "Elfrieda" Stock, mother of Emil Stock

Foto 3
btw., this picture was taken in front of the Hannover railway station