Ernst Friedrich Christoph Schaper From Hannover Germany

Second Generation

2. Johann Christian Konrad-Frederick Schaper (Ernst Friedrich Christoph ) was born on 8 Sep 1818 in Hannover, Germany. He was christened on 4 Oct 1818 in Garten Parish, Hannover, Germany.

Johann married Catherine Dorothee Katharina Wiedenbach [scrapbook] daughter of Johann-Heinrich Friedrich Conrad Wiedenbach and Friederike Magdalena Reineke in 1861 in Hannover. Catherine was born on 11 Dec 1836 in Reineke, Germany. She was christened on 1 Jan 1836 in Osterwald Church.

They had the following children:

+ 3 F i Sophia Henriette Schaper
+ 4 M ii Wilhelm Frederick Schaper
+ 5 M iii Carl Friedrich Heinrich Schaper
  6 F iv Henriette Christine Schaper [scrapbook] was born on 7 Mar 1875 in Hannover, Germany, Celler Strasse. She was christened on 14 Mar 1875 in Hannover, Germany.

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