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With the help of the Internet, the family researcher can contact other persons of his family, and thus open up branches of his family that he has not seen before.

Some search engines, like Google, for example, allow a full-text search, that is, that I can enter names and retrieve pages, that contain this name.

Conversely, I can create pages with lists of names to lead so-seekers from outside to my side, and in this way unknown offspring of a family branch, and with them to share data and photos.

I offer to everyone, who is looking after relatives with the name Schaper, his list to be published here.

Forthe least effort and maximum effect, I suggest, to create lists according to the following schedule:



The regulatory scheme is simple:

  • The first number refers to the generation
  • The second number in the order of the generation (numbered)
  • The number in parentheses represents the relationship to her parents.


Succession in the


3.3. (2.1) thus means that Carl Friedrich in the 3rd Generationafter "Ancestor" lived in this generation of the 3 in Folge war und seine Eltern (2. Generation, Nummer 1) Johann Christian und Catherine Dorothee waren. In succession, and his parents (2nd generation, No. 1) Johann Christian and Catherine Dorothee.

How is the file to look like?

  • On easiest way is the simplest TXT format.
  • and a table with a spreadsheet program created and saved in HTML format is good.
  • * = born
  • + = died
  • oo = married

Here we have it attempts to arrive.

Excluded are the Winword *) - and XLS format, as well as an HTML file, created with WinWord *).

*) Word for Windows


Ernst Friedrich Christoph Schaper
* about1794
+ 25 August, Ostwende

oo with

Dorothee Marie Beckmann

* about 1796

+ 10 Februar 1868


Johann Christian Konrad Frederick Schaper

* 08. September, 1818

oo 1861 Osterwald about

Catherine Dorothee Katharina Wiedenbach


Sophia Henriette Schaper

* 17. April 1863 in Hannover


Wilhelm Frederick Schaper

* 21. Mai 1866 in Hannover

+ 10. März 1939


Carl Friedrich Heinrich Schaper

* 30. April 1872 in Hannonver


Henriette Christine Schaper

* 1875 in Hannover.